Saturday, 16 May 2015

Unusual Saturday Holiday

Hi...I know it sounds strange to say unusual Saturday holiday, hahaha..because I usually teach on Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Saturday is the busiest day, a day full of piano music and beautiful voices of my husband's students. My husband is a vocal teacher and choir conductor.

Holiday means craft day and I can sit on my craft table the whole day accompanied by my little boy playing with his toys scattered all over the carpet and my husband lying down watching TV. Sometimes we go out hunting good food, too. I am so blessed that my husband and I share a lot in common, we love travelling and enjoying good son is now under training :D

I tend to do overlapping work to avoid boredom, such as making heads, leave it dry and make something else. I make a few orders together at the same time. In my previous posts I was posting about making Peppa Pigs, but before I was done, I already started making something else...I guess this is a bad habit...but I can't help it.

Here is the video of my Peppa Pig pendant, the feet swing

Beading process

Peppa Pig themed name tag

Now is the picture of my other overlapping work...
The miniature of a lucky girl who will receive a surprise birthday frame gift from her beloved boyfriend. He requested to put all her favorite stuff in the frame, such as her lovely bunny pet, favorite bag, flowers, shoes and birthday cake of course.

I believe all of you know which character is this haha

I will sprinkle some glitters on her dress and adorn tiny Swarovsky elements on her braid. I will post some more pictures of her in detail on my next post. 

Have a nice weekend ^0^

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