Sunday, 24 May 2015

3D frame's Monday again, and it's the last Monday of May. Time really flies and I only have 6 months left before my rent end in November. We will be moving to a new location.

Today I am posting pictures of the 3D frame I was working since last few weeks and I finally get it done yesterday. It is a custom order by a sweet boyfriend to his girlfriend as a surprise gift. He emailed me her picture, their picture together, picture of her favorite clothes, bags, shoes, pets, dolls, necklace, and he wanted me to put everything into a frame. The frame is 8R photo size (inner 250 mm x 200 mm). The depth is about 450 mm.

I enjoy making 3D frame and in fact I have made a lot of 3D frame order previously before I started writing a blog. It takes quite some times to finish it but I always love the result. For me personally, I think 3D frame is a very unique and memorable gift. Easy to keep and clean (you just need to clean the glass on the frame). You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table.

Here are some pictures of the making progression (not tutorial)

 Pasting a wallpaper pattern sticker on the board as the background. I google the floral pattern online and edited it into two parts to make it more interesting

 Yessi's favourite items (the lucky girlfriend). The black leather bag is the bag she uses daily

 I made their picture together into a simple 3D form

 Arranging and gluing parts onto the board

 Gluing her favourite items onto the rounded pink tier shelf

 Ta da... it's done!! 

 I glued pastel colored balloons in the inner corner of the frame

I also made the making progression into a short video using Magisto. To see the video, you can click here

Hope you enjoy ^^

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