Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Miniature Cakes for Sylvanian Family

It is cloudy and raining almost everyday here in my town. I am quite lucky because I work from home so I don't have to travel a lot, otherwise it will be very troublesome to walk or drive in such weather. Congestion is inevitable. The only trouble I have at home is my laundry (T_T)

This is the view from my high floor apartment.

Let's put aside the weather topic. I am going to share with my readers some pictures sent by my ex college friend. We had a small reunion last two weeks and I know her daughters love Sylvanian Family so I gave them some of my handmade miniature pastries to complete their collections.

Here are the pictures she sent to me while her daughters were playing with them ^^

The mini cakes are all my handmade ^^ 

Their Collections 

The happy little girl with her teeny mini cakes ^^

Have a nice day!

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Friday, 5 February 2016


What is a Terrarium? It is a sealable glass container that can be opened to access to the plant and is usually arranged in such a way like a mini world of garden or fairy garden of your dream. It is very popular recently in my country. Workshops on how to DIY your own terrarium is in a very hot demand. It's easy to take care and such a beauty to enjoy indoor or outdoor. Some people place their collections on the top of their dining table as center piece instead of flowers which is a very good idea and sure refreshing to the eyes.

I would like to have one for myself too, so I thought why not make one for yourself?? Yeah..I made a tiny version for myself which I can carry everywhere ^0^

Here is my very own terrarium..


 Everything inside the dome are made from clay..including the pebbles

Maybe I will make it into a necklace too, so I can carry it with me everywhere I go. I will make more of this cute Terrarium so that if any of you would be interested to own this beauty, you can have it too ^^ soon.

Thanks for reading and supporting ^^
See you again

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentine 2016

I am not a very romantic person but I do love pink color which is so strongly associated with Valentine's color, in fact most of my clothes are pink ^^ so I decided to make something pinky, glittery and valentine.

First, what came into my mind was love potion. So I made these..
It's made of UV resin, glitter, some sparkling flakes and heart-shaped clay

Once I finished the love potion, I was still unsure what I had to do with these glittery bottle for two days. Then an idea of "key to my heart" sprung up into my mind, so I decided to make a necklace out of the love potion.

And here is the result..a key and a love potion with combination of light pink Chezch crystal
This will be a very meaningful and personalized gift to your loved one, as it means "You've got the key to my heart...and only you have the Love potion to save my life"

This lovely necklace is available for purchase at Etsy : Jtlilcorner (my exclusive sales partner in Melbourne, Australia) many more items will be up for sale at her Etsy. Please make sure to check it out ^^  and follow her Etsy

And next..the valentine cookies!!! 

 Heart shaped cookies with glittery pink icing...nom.nom..

 And I put all of them into a glass dome 

A Glass dome full of love cookies ^^

Thank you and Happy Valentine 2016

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Just a few days left and we will be welcoming the Monkey year 2016 yeay yeay!!! Chinese New Year is one of the important celebration in my family. It's the time where all family members gather together, have a great feast, talk about good things and Hong Bao!! or the red packets. Children loves Hong Bao very much. I remember my childhood time, I used to count how many red packets I have collected instead of the amount inside, because it was fun to see the beautiful pattern on the red packets and the feel of how thick is your hand bag now..full of red Now..Hong Bao is no longer that fun for me as an adult, because I will be the one to give the children T_T (lol)

In this will be still about Little Twin Star but in Chinese New Year version. Again I collaborated with the talented Bagcharm designer Kirashoppe to create a special limited edition CNY bagcharm.

From this

To This!!

This beautiful picture is taken by Kirashoppe owner. I just repost it. Ohh how I love the color combination. She is so talented! Love to see more collaboration of our works ^^

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me. Have a nice day ^^
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