Thursday, 7 May 2015

I started making clay in 2009

Hi...It`s 9.30 pm now in my country. I am so glad the internet connection is finally functioning normally. I tried to write this morning but errors on page message was the only thing i saw on my screen. The sky was so bright and blue today, I could hear birds chirping outside my window. I wanted to share the picture so it is

I finished a few things yesterday, but not much, because I was quite busy with my daily routine. I am a piano teacher, and currently teaching is my primary job in order to make my life more viable. I have been teaching piano for 12 years since I graduated from my music academy in Singapore. I get to know clay in 2009, initially it was for my stress therapy and just a casual hobby until one day I decided I wanted to be serious in it. The more I learnt, the more hooked I was. I can’t stop my mind to keep thinking of new ideas and new things to create. There are soooooooo.... many things that I want to make.

Whatever I see while walking in a mall, bookstore, cafe, park or during my travel, there are always new ideas coming out, make me so eager to try them out as soon as I get home. Sometimes my husband have to remind me that we are on holiday, I should shut my brain off from work and just focus on him, hahaha...and my son of course. He is my little precious.

Well, these are the pictures of what I have made yesterday..not much really..too little progression.

Peppa pig 4.5” hairbow. It will come as a set with a necklace and bracelet (which I haven’t finished yet). 

Personalised name tag..this is comissioned work

Okay, I am going to bed well and good night for those who live in the same time zone with me.

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