13 May 2015
Hi is public holiday in my work means more time for craft and family. My husband brought us to try a recommended steak restaurant in the city. It is a lovely place...very beautiful, classy yet homey. It doesn't make you feel too awkward even if you are not in a full formal attire. I've ever been to one steak restaurant that really embarrassed us... we were not allowed to enter because I wasn't wearing evening gown and my husband wasn't wearing suits. Anyway, I think I should feel glad that we didn't have our dinner there. A restaurant with dress-code usually cost an arm and a leg, hahaha...

Here is some of the pictures of the outside of the restaurant

And here are the menu that we ordered

Well, I know you must be wondering where is the picture of the inside of the restaurant ??? I am so sorry that I didn't capture the beautiful interior, it was because we forgot to bring our camera T_T (tears rolling)..all the pictures here were taken using my phone. The interior was quite dark and my phone couldn't produce any single good picture...

Here is the only good picture that I got from my phone... and my son's face look spooky

Anyway... we had a great time together ^-^

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