Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Wreath

Christmass.....yeah yeah...I will be posting Christimas items on my blog until end of 2016..yeay...yeay..

These are the picture of Christmas wreath I made last night. The pine cones, Red currants and Black currants are made from Clay...ohh of course the Santa, too. Cotton flower are made from Cotton ball ^^ 


See ya,,

TAC craft

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Christmas Projects

Hi..I have been absent from updating my blog for sooooo loooong and I have a lot of past workshops and new work pictures to post. First of all I would post some of my Christmas workshop project and some Christmas items that I am going to put up on sale. Yeahh.. I know it's too early to discuss about Christmas, it is still the beginning of November but Christmas is the best festive season to start as soon as possible ^o^ Who can resist Christmas anyway ???

Here are some pictures of the projects that I have finished and I am still working on some more. 

 Photo shoots usual my loyal photographer is my husband ^^

Combination of clay head Rudolph with a glass dome body filled with Christmas color can function as Christmas ornament or even a pendant 
(Materials : Modena Clay from Padico)

Mini Christmas Wreath
Materials : Hearty Soft Clay from Padico

Candle Stand

The material I used for these candle stands are Modena Clay from Padico.
One or two of them will be the project I will be conducting on Christmas Workshop in this coming December 2016. 
Decorative Jar

Materials : Modena Clay from Padico

Last picture of this post is a very simple but cute project for Children Christmas Workshop. Yeaaayy!!!! Finally there are workshops for children...please follow me to keep updated about my workshops.

Miniature Santa (materials : Hearty Soft clay from Padico). I took two version of pictures for this cute character. One showing the cold breeze of winter and the other showing the warmth of Christmas. Both look stunning aren't they?

If you are interested to join my workshop or if you are interested to collaborate with me, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email or follow my Instagram for a quicker updates on my works, projects and workshops.

Thank you for reading.

TAC craft

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Happy Workshop, July 2016

Yes..workshops!! I love workshops. I enjoy sharing the fun of clay art to others. It is a wonderful feeling to see the excited and satisfied expression of participants when they finished their works. The feeling of sharing the joy and love for art is better than when I have sales of my work. It doesn't mean that I am not happy when I have sales, but the feeling is different. When a customer buy my product, she/he is happy because she likes my work and so am I. But when my students finished their creation under my guidance, she/he is happy because she CAN do it and I feel the success as an instructor.

This month, I conducted two workshops, one at Jakarta and the other one at Bandung.

And here are the pictures of happy teacher and participants ^0^



Thank you wewocraft for supporting me. Check them out for other creative workshops.

If you are interested in my workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email or follow my Instagram : taccraft for regular workshop updates.

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Decorative Jar Topper

I made this Disney Inspired Jar Topper for the upcoming workshop. Participant will be learning how to make this little cute blue fish with colorful coral decorations on the top of a simple jar. Materials used is Japanese high quality air dry Polymer clay the Modena from Padico. You will love how your simple dull jar turn into an adorable sea-themed jar. It is best as birthday gift, birthday souvenir or just personal keepsake. Participants can apply the technique they learn from the workshop to decorate any other items beside jar. This Jar is just an example media. This little blue fish will also look nice inside the jar or unused wine glass or even as cake topper which you obviously can keep forever because it won't choice!

Perfect as pool party gift, souvenir or decorations ^^

Details about the workshop just click on my workshop page.

If you are a parent or birthday event organizer and you are interested to have a creative booth on your child's/client's birthday party please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss about it. I am experienced in conducting clay workshops for children. 

Thank you ^^

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Fun-filled Kiddos Clay Art Workshop, Singapore

Last week my husband and one of his student took part in Singapore Musician Festival which is held once every two year. This year is the is the very first time Voice category is engaged. It used to be only for Pianos and Strings. Since I will be there for a couple of days, one of my ex-student's mom helped me to arrange a one-day clay workshop for Melody (her daughter) and her friends. Melody came to my workshop every week when they were living in Indonesia two years ago. Huge thanks to Melody's mom for her support and her kind offer to use the function room in her Condo for the workshop. It was such a great help  ^^

It was a very very very exciting workshop. These kiddos were so cute and full of ideas. I really enjoy teaching them. I will see you all again in the next session ^^

 Excited parents and children...Ohh how I love this feeling

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Red Wedding Frame

I made a special frame in red for my friend as a surprise wedding gift. I chose red because his invitation was in chinese style red color, a very brilliant happy colour. I made red roses, white daisies to add some contrast and bunch of green mini hydrangeas. 

 While drying my clay flowers

I cut the invitation card to fit in the frame and arranged all my handmade flowers around it. 

I was so excited to meet him to see his reaction on seeing this present, but unfortunately I fell ill on that day (T_T) I missed the party. Only my husband was going and I heard my friend was singing on his big day. Remembering that he was quite a shy man and on his big day he stood on the big stage and sang for more than 400 audiences was a must to witness.

Anyway...Happy Wedding Dear Friend!!! Wish you a blissful happy marriage life  \(^o^)/ Cheers!!

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