Tuesday, 26 May 2015


When you sell online, the first 'face' your customer will see before they see what's inside the box is your packaging. The way you package your products says something about you and your shop. I try to make sure my customer will have the feel of excitement as if they are receiving a little gift when they receive my package, and hopefully they can also re-use the box for other purpose, such as to keep their tiny stuff, stationary or any other collections. 

I love floral themes and I choose floral pattern for my packaging. Actually it's really hard for me to pick one particular pattern only, because I love almost any floral pattern I see.

The pink floral pattern of the lower bottom box is Batik motif. The two boxes above is the same floral pattern on my blog wallpaper which I google from the internet. I wish one day I could design my own pattern ^^

matches box idea

I would be super happy to receive a gift in a beautiful package like this and even more excited to see what's inside. What about you ? ^^

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