Sunday, 17 May 2015

Frozen Mania

It is so hooooottt down here in my country...let's cool the weather down by making some Disney Snow Queen....yes..Elsa, the pretty queen with magical power to control the winter. Hope she could share bit of her magic here to bring down the temperature LOL

This whole day, I spent for making Elsa pendant and busy taking photograph with the help of my husband (as always). He is my adviser, ministry of finance, doctor, tour guide, friends, photographer, soulmate, etc...the lists are still going on. He is my everything. I understand that our pictures are not the best result yet, but we will keep on learning and practising ^^

Here are some pictures of Elsa that we took today

Isn't she pretty and so glittery?

 Yes..she is not flat back

This picture was taken under direct sunlight, you could see the blinking effect of the crystals

Flying Elsa..this is my husband's idea 

I use ice-like acrylic beads combine with acrylic star beads and Chezch crystals to give the icy effect and bring out the elegance of the Queen. Her braid is adorned with Swarovsky rhinestones. I love the result so much. Hope you guys like it, too.

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