Thursday, 31 December 2015

Late Post

Hello every one...Happy New Year 2016!! Wish you all the best in this special year (every year is special though).

First of all, I am so sorry for kinda "disappearing" for a couple of months. I was busy moving to my new apartement and it was like endless work of cleaning, unpacking, arranging and there are still some boxes that haven't been opened yet. I can't believe that I have so many stuff!!! especially crafting stuff!! I really need lots of storage!

While busy doing all those relocating chores, I managed to finished some orders (really glad that I could pass it to my customers on time).

Here are some pictures of my works. Yes!! they are all frames ^^

5R photo sized frame

Pictures below are sets of baby boy and baby girl frame requested by my sweet loyal customer. She always has great ideas. She requested Lego blocks for her baby boy frame and miniatures of fluffy bear dolls which her daughter love so much on her daughter's frame. Yes, the fluffy bears which I posted in my previous post.

This is a capture of my customer's post on her Instagram displaying my handmade frame. Thank you so much for sharing and promoting ^^

Besides that, one of my customer from Singapore has also sent me a picture of my handmade frames displayed on her beautiful house. I feel so proud that my handmade can be part of their beautiful collections. Thank you so much!


Now from baby frames, we move to romantic frames....full of love and happiness ^^

This frame is requested by the bride's best friend as a surprise wedding gift. It was given after the wedding has passed, but I am really sure they will love this gift very much. The photo on the frame is the photo taken on their very big day. So I made the bride wearing the exact same dress and make up on the big day and so is the groom, and of course the hand bouquet, too.

This birthday frame is ordered by a loving girlfriend to her dear boyfriend who loves cat very much. What a sweet girlfriend! Hope I will have the honour to make their wedding frame, too ^^

Well..hope you don't get bored of my super long post. That's the end of my post today..
Have a blessed new year everyone ^^ and Happy crafting to all my fellow crafter friends.

Satyani TAC

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Baby Frame 5R size

This is probably the last post of this month because next week I will be super busy due to residence relocation. This is another order of baby frame but this time it is in 5R size, slightly bigger size than the usual size I make which is 4R.

The interior is 6"x8" and the depth is 1,5"

Hope you enjoy the watching the video, too

Happy Weekend!

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My Little Pony Charms

Yes..Little Pony again ^^ but this time these cuties are made into charms, so their size are smaller than the one I made previously for cake topper and necklace. It's always enjoyable to make these cuties eventhough longer time needed to finish them. These 6 adorable ponies are made using Japanese air dry clay (my best friend).

This time I took the photo using my wooden floor as the background instead of white background. I can't decide which one looks better, because I like them both. Which do you think looks better? white or colored background? I upload photos using white background on my Instagram, though...

Here are the photos...enjoy ^^

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Romantic Frame


In every creation of mine there is always a story behind it, as well as the work of this one, the Romantic Frame. I am so proud and feel honoured to be asked to create this important project for them. This frame is to mark the 2nd anniversary of their relationship despite of living in two different countries and time zone, in fact Trust and Faith has strengthen their love. Their going to see each other again end of November this year. I feel excited for them, too.

The notebook and mobile phone are their means of communication to keep in touch daily. The beautiful blue rose bouquet and bear were gift for him to her on valentine's day this year. As you can see the direction of the plane is flying from Jakarta to New York, so they will meet again in New York City.

This is really a romantic way of sending love messages from her to sweet. 

A short video of the making process is included

Thank you again for trusting me to create this project and Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of you and still counting....

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Miniature Dog - Shih Tzu

Hello again everyone! This time I am posting my super challenging order, a miniature Shih Tzu dog!! Honestly this is my first time making a realistic dog miniature. Usually I only make cute rounded shape dogs for fun and in fact never before I received any order making miniature dogs.

This lovely Shih Tzu dog was the dearest dog to my customer's mom, but it has passed away not long ago. My customer wish to make a miniature replica of it as a memory for her mom, so this is an important project.

This time I use Premo polymer clay to make this project. I failed the first one! the dog looks so messed up and thin. I felt bad if I have to present this to my customer. I didn't want to disappoint her mom so I remake another one. This is the picture of my failed work. >.< (horrible isn't it?)

I am quite happy that the remake version looks much much better...actually far better I think. Here are more pictures of the dog from different angle.

I use matte glaze for the whole body except the eyes, nose and tongue I use glossy glaze.

What made me happiest was not when I received the payment, but when I saw the look in her eyes (my customer's mom). She was so happy and started telling me every single details bout her dearest dog, about how shiny the fur and that it was blind on the right eye. It was touching and amazing how she remember everything so detail about this beautiful creature. Hope you rest in peace there...

Let's move forward to a happier topic. This customer who ordered this miniature dog is the same customer who ordered cake topper which I posted earlier. Besides the miniature dog, she has also requested another pair of fluffy bear as keychain. Thank you so much for liking my work.

Thank you for reading ^^

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Baby Blast!!! - Baby 3D frames

I've got two orders of baby frame this month. Yeay!!! This is not the first time I make baby frame but still enjoy making it until now. I love the cute tiny toys and love seeing the cute pictures of new born babies!! They are just so pure and angelic.

The baby girl frame will be sent to Singapore. It is a repeat order from my loyal customer who has ordered baby boy frame few months ago which I posted in my previous post. Thanks again for trusting me to create such an important memory to welcome a new born princess to your family.

The other baby boy frame is an order from my ex piano student who has now already became a piano teacher, too. So proud of you dear. This frame is a gift for her best friend. Such a wonderful friendship.

Here are the short videos of the making process (not tutorial) as bonuses for my customers.

Baby Sharlyn
(Video was created using Magisto application)

Baby Theodore
(Video was created using imovie, better quality but without the cute ribbon and duckling) 

Have a nice day!

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Anna, Olaf and two Fluffy Bears is everyone? I couldn't post anything lately because I was terribly sick last week. I was on the bed most of the time, something wasn't right with my stomach. I had a terrible run and pain all over the stomach and I had fever for two days. It was a truly exhausting week!! I couldn't sleep well at night because of the pain. I am slowly recovering now and back to my routine activities. Well, still a bit of pain sometimes, but I am feeling better compared to last week.

Here I will share my latest commissioned work which has passed the turn around time. Dear..They were supposed to be delivered to my customer on Wednesday, but I couldn't wake up and do anything last week. Thanks to my dear customer who has been so understanding and willing to give me extra few days to do it instead of cancelling the order. I finished them all yesterday night and lucky that there is a one-day-express delivery service available in town, so I posted them all today and hopefully they arrive safely on time tomorrow. They will be part of  my customer's daughter's photo session on Sunday.

These fluffy bears were made based on pictures of actual dolls belonged to the customers which was sent to me to make the miniature. They are not my original idea. 

They are so adorable!!

 The customers had also requested Princess Anna figurine and Olaf. 

My favourite of all is Olaf!! The funny snowman who sings very well

Everything was made using Japanese resin air dry clay and glazed with matte sealer Padico.

Thank you for reading ^_^ and Happy Weekend!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kamen Rider and a little boy

Hi...Sorry for not posting anything for so long. It was a long holiday in my country, the Eid Mubarak Holiday. It's a celebration of victory for Moslems after one full month of fasting (not eating and drinking during the day). I am really amazed by my Moslem friends, because I don't think I can do that. I didn't celebrate Eid Mubarak, but I did enjoy the holiday by not doing anything related to work and stayed away from my working table, including craft ^o^ just took a break to have fun with my son.

Activity back to normal again this week and finally I finished one of my commissioned order. It was an order from my high-school classmate. I was very excited about it. She was looking for a Kamen Rider figure for her son but she couldn't find it anywhere in the city she lives in, so she decided to get me to make one for her plus her son's figure standing along with the Kamen Rider. It was really an honour for me to create this for her.

My medium is air dry clay. I glazed them with matte sealer except the eyes of the Kamen Rider. If you notice something under their feet, it is glue tac to help the figures stand. I usually will attach the figures on an acrylic base, but for delivery safety, I separate them and let the recipient glue it themselves. You do no need special glue to attach the figures on the acrylic base, just any strong glue will do.

This is Arya, the little boy

I really hope my dear friend and her son will like my work. I really do. Anyway, thanks a lot Lyfen for trusting me and ordering from me ^_^ I really appreciate that.

Here is a bonus short video of the making process.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day !!

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Thursday, 16 July 2015


Totoro is a character from a Japanese animated fantasy film written by Hayao Miyazaki and published in 1988.  Totoro is a giant creature who lives in the woods and only children with pure heart will be able to see him and his friends.

He loves acorn and is usually characterized with a bag of acorn on his back and a lotus leaf on his head to protect him from the rain. The black tiny balls with two big eyes hanging above him is the Soot Sprite in the movie. I combined the Soot Sprite with grey pearls to add on decoration on the key chain.

He is one of my favourite childhood character and I also love the supporting music composed by Hisaishi Joe, my all time favourite composer.

I add on a black velvet ribbon to sweeten it up

This is actually the third order from a lovely repeat customer who is now residing in Melbourne, Australia. Her first order was Lala Loopsy necklace as goodie bags for her daughter's birthday. The second order was 3D graduation frames for her daughter and her friends when they were graduating from kindergarten here in Indonesia last year (before she relocated to Australia soon after that).

Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken last year using my phone

Her daughter, Mio is the one on the bottom left. Again sorry for the poor quality picture taken using my phone.

To be honest, my Totoro didn't turn out that nice just with one attempt. Eventhough I have been crafting clay for years, but I am still a human who needs to keep learning and updating my skill to create better work. I will share a picture of my first attempt. I was very disappointed with it though. I made it way toooooo slim and the grey color was too light. It was kinda

If you would like to make an order, you can just email me, because I don't post everything on etsy especially a custom order work, which has no ready stock.

That's all about my Totoro post. Have a nice day!

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