Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Decorative Jar Topper

I made this Disney Inspired Jar Topper for the upcoming workshop. Participant will be learning how to make this little cute blue fish with colorful coral decorations on the top of a simple jar. Materials used is Japanese high quality air dry Polymer clay the Modena from Padico. You will love how your simple dull jar turn into an adorable sea-themed jar. It is best as birthday gift, birthday souvenir or just personal keepsake. Participants can apply the technique they learn from the workshop to decorate any other items beside jar. This Jar is just an example media. This little blue fish will also look nice inside the jar or unused wine glass or even as cake topper which you obviously can keep forever because it won't ruin...best choice!

Perfect as pool party gift, souvenir or decorations ^^

Details about the workshop just click on my workshop page.

If you are a parent or birthday event organizer and you are interested to have a creative booth on your child's/client's birthday party please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss about it. I am experienced in conducting clay workshops for children. 

Thank you ^^

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