Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cute Monkey Charms

I actually made these monkeys few weeks ago, but haven't posted it yet because I was searching for someone who is an expert in accessories such as beading to collaborate with me. And I found a very creative online shop on the Instagram called Kirashoppe. Just by showing her the picture of my handmade monkey charms, she could come out with a wonderful beads arrangement to complete my creation. Love it!! Her work is so neat and she uses only high quality materials. 

A friend of mine requested for something simple, so I made it pretty simple by combining a few pearls and champagne color Czech crystals.

 TA DA...super gorgeous bagcharm with Swarovski pearl and Czech crystals, designed by Kirashoppe

This super gorgeous bagcharm will be a present to my special friend who care so much about my family especially my son. Thank you so much for your love ^^ Maybe you're not reading my blog but I really want to express my thank you here, too...I hope you like it.

I hope we could collaborate more in the future ^^ 
Thanks for supporting me

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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Little Twin Stars (2)

 Green Tea Mochi and Strawberry Mochi with red bean paste fillings..nom.nom..

Ohh..dear!! how I deeply in love with these cute characters after making them for the first time, which I posted previously on my blog. I couldn't help myself to create more and run wild with my imagination lol ^0^

I made Japanese mochi as base for them and made them wearing cute Japanese traditional attire. I also created a sleeping night scene with soft pastel colors. When I made them, it was as if I was living in a miniature imaginary fairy world....I know it sounds exaggerating, but it was truly fun creating these two cute babies.

Here are the results... ^^ enjoy..

This sleeping little twin stars isn't suitable for charms because of the size (around 5.5cm length, 4cm width and 5.5cm height). It's more suitable as collectible item. 

 I like this one so much that I can't help taking so many pictures of it and posting them ^^

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Little Twin Stars

I am sure all of you know these cute little twin stars characters. They are one of the "forever" popular characters like Hello Kitty and friends from Sanrio Japan. They are characterized by their soft pastel colors, stars, moons and clouds.

These few days, I tried to make a few of my imaginary (version) of Little Twin Stars. I added some Pastel color gradation cloud, roll cake and star-shaped macaroon to enhance the characters' cuteness. All of them are made of Premo Clay. Recently I have been working more on polymer clay rather than air dry clay, and I actually find it more fun to play with ^^ I think I am shifting from air dry clay artist to polymer clay artist..or both ^^

And the pictures of all of them together again... ^^

 View from the top

Have a nice day...

Thursday, 14 January 2016

White Bread with assorted toppings

I miss making miniature food so much after years of making custom orders of figurines. This month I am off to any custom order. I plan to pamper myself by creating freely whatever I want to make. I wanted to make miniature food charms for so long already, but was always kept busy making figurines and characters. But this time...I made it!!! (in fact I made them) lol...yeaaayy..white bread with assorted toppings!! might not look so colorful, because I only make my favourite toppings ^0^

Here we are...hope you enjoy looking at the pictures from scratch to finished product ^^


Toppings added....

 Banana Series

 Ice Cream Series

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Have a nice day ^^