Monday, 11 May 2015


You must be wondering what TAC is?

Originally it was the short form of The Art Center, the name of our small tuition center which we started few years ago, providing art lessons, such as Piano, Vocal, Clay and Drawing. Unfortunately, the business didn't flourish as expected due to several factors, but I am still selling my craft, so I just picked the first letter of each of the words The Art Center, which is TAC and still using it but I always thinking of changing it.

Few weeks ago, before I started writing a blog, I discussed with my friends about my branding problem and they gave me cute ideas such as Craft Mama, Clay Hand, Creative Clay, etc....then suddenly one of them asked me what was wrong with TAC? She said it was a cool brand as she thought it was actually stand for Tjendra's Art & Craft..and Tjendra is my family name! Wow Wow Wow !!!! I was so thrilled hearing this idea!!! love it, love it, love it!!! I never thought of that before and she just gave me a marvelous description for my brand. So from now on, my brand is still TAC which is

Tjendra's Art & Craft

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