Sunday, 29 May 2016

Lebaran Wreath

Lebaran or Eid Mubarak is an important religous celebration by the Moslem worlwide to mark the end of holy month of fasting period. In Indonesia, Ketupat is the must have food for the celebration. Ketupat is a kind of steamed rice dumpling packed in a diamond shaped woven palm leaves.

Every year I see Christmas wreath everywhere but I hardly encounter any Lebaran Wreath, so this time I decided to create a special Lebaran Wreath by combining Gerrberra, Roses, Hydrangea, Daisies, Carnation and Ketupat.

The Ketupat is store bought and they are made of woven ribbon 

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Love for Succulents

Honestly I don't know all the name of the succulents or species, but I love looking at them. I made some miniatures of succulents 2 months ago for the Easter Bazaar and now I am making a slightly bigger size succulents to fit to daily use or just decoration.

As bagcharm these baby succulents look perfect ^^ 

I use Japanese air dry clay (Modena from Padico) to create these succulents you see in the pictures below. Modena is an air dry polymer clay and is water resistant. It comes in several colors and very easy to use. I love it... the finish result is almost the same as baked polymer clay, hard and strong.

I got this mini antique chair from Daiso shop, the shop that sells everything at one price and they have a lot of super cute stuff to support craft lover like me :)

 I believe it is important to stay close to Nature and these tiny babies are perfect as paper weight on our working desk. No watering required, stays pretty the whole year round and as good as candy to our eyes.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Trip to Japan

Hi.. finally I am back to Indonesia. I came back last week and was right away occupied with so many works and preparation for Bazaar (yesterday). The Bazaar was pretty much different from the previous Bazaar I joined. Well, perhaps it was on the weekday and it was in an office building, or maybe my luck was bad yesterday >,< I wrote on the title of the post "Trip to Japan"...I went to Japan for two weeks. Of course it wasn't any travelling program, it was skill-upgrading trip. I was very happy, overwhelmed, excited and any other positive feelings I could describe despite I was sooo tired (Salonpas all over my body and arms) in order to rush the intensive module specially designed by my teacher for me. Thank you so much Ozaki Sensei ^^

I have been yearning to have lesson at Deco Clay Craft Academy Japan, and finally after 5 years of waiting, my dream came true!! Now I am a member of Deco \(^0^)/ It wasn't an easy process. There are so many curriculum I have to overcome and exam is compulsory!! Can you imagine that? there is no such thing as exam for craft in my country, but Deco has one and it is a high-standard test which I will be rewarded a certificate for the big effort. I am looking forward for that day...I will be returning to Japan again in November this year for further upgrading and the exam. My teacher threw me bunch of homework to prepare before I see her again (^_^!)

Me (left) and My Sensei (right)

Here I share the pictures of my works I have to finished there in 7 bargain! ^_^

After I finished my lesson, my Sensei rewarded me with a visit to Hobby Show Japan 2016. It was like heaven to all crafters. Trust me!!! You will love everything you see there and you will want to join all the workshops, buy all the stuff and be there for the whole day >o<

 me at Deco booth

 All the flowers you see here are made of Deco Clay by Yukiko Miyai Sensei and team

 Naoko Sensei (left), me, my little son and Ozaki Sensei (right)
They are Deco Senior Master

Me, Kazuko Miyai Sensei (Founder of Deco), Yukiko Miyai Sensei (Deco Principal) and Ozaki Sensei (right) 

And last...reward for my son for being so supportive to me, sending me off for my lesson every morning, meeting me somewhere after lesson and always be there to 'annoy' me when I was busy with my homework lol ^_^


See you again with more pictures of my works ^^
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