Thursday, 31 December 2015

Late Post

Hello every one...Happy New Year 2016!! Wish you all the best in this special year (every year is special though).

First of all, I am so sorry for kinda "disappearing" for a couple of months. I was busy moving to my new apartement and it was like endless work of cleaning, unpacking, arranging and there are still some boxes that haven't been opened yet. I can't believe that I have so many stuff!!! especially crafting stuff!! I really need lots of storage!

While busy doing all those relocating chores, I managed to finished some orders (really glad that I could pass it to my customers on time).

Here are some pictures of my works. Yes!! they are all frames ^^

5R photo sized frame

Pictures below are sets of baby boy and baby girl frame requested by my sweet loyal customer. She always has great ideas. She requested Lego blocks for her baby boy frame and miniatures of fluffy bear dolls which her daughter love so much on her daughter's frame. Yes, the fluffy bears which I posted in my previous post.

This is a capture of my customer's post on her Instagram displaying my handmade frame. Thank you so much for sharing and promoting ^^

Besides that, one of my customer from Singapore has also sent me a picture of my handmade frames displayed on her beautiful house. I feel so proud that my handmade can be part of their beautiful collections. Thank you so much!


Now from baby frames, we move to romantic frames....full of love and happiness ^^

This frame is requested by the bride's best friend as a surprise wedding gift. It was given after the wedding has passed, but I am really sure they will love this gift very much. The photo on the frame is the photo taken on their very big day. So I made the bride wearing the exact same dress and make up on the big day and so is the groom, and of course the hand bouquet, too.

This birthday frame is ordered by a loving girlfriend to her dear boyfriend who loves cat very much. What a sweet girlfriend! Hope I will have the honour to make their wedding frame, too ^^

Well..hope you don't get bored of my super long post. That's the end of my post today..
Have a blessed new year everyone ^^ and Happy crafting to all my fellow crafter friends.

Satyani TAC

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