Monday, 29 June 2015

My Little Pony (part II) - Tutorial

Today I am posting a video of how to make My Little Pony character as I promised on my previous post. I picked Flutter Shy character because she is my niece's favourite pony, I am sorry for being a little bit bias ^_^ This cutie will be made into a necklace for her. She has been requesting for it months ago, but this super busy auntie can only make it recently. Sorry dear...but at least request is fulfilled ^o^

In this video, I am using Japanese resin (air dry clay) which is usually white in color and I am also using the colored resin clay to mix the color. 

Colored resin air dry clay

You can also use oil paint to mix the color, but it will cause the texture to be slightly drier which makes the clay hard to shape. If you are using polymer clay, you can still follow the steps in my tutorial, because the technique is basically similar, but they are a few things that you need to take note:

  • For the instruction of leaving it dry, in the case of polymer clay, you pre-bake it.
  • In the smoothing parts, polymer clay don't need water. Air dry clay blends well with water.

I am more comfortable crafting with air dry clay, that is why my tutorials are always using air dry clay as the medium. I also notice that there are very little tutorials on air dry clay available online. I hope my tutorials will be useful for air dry clay crafters out there, and of course for Polymer clay crafters, too.

I am also sharing some ideas on what you can do with this cute Flutter Shy beside a necklace.

 My Little Pony Strap
It could be bracelet, too when the strap is removed
 Dust Plug for your phone
 Mom, sisters or cousins could share this cuteness, too
Or just add on a pastel color tassel and hang it on your organizer, key chain or USB

Hope this post will give you some useful ideas and happy crafting \(^o^)/

By the way, what do you think I should make for the next tutorial? 

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Clay Ice Cream (part II)

Hi...Today I am only posting pictures of my son playing with my handmade clay ice cream, because I was so excited that he loves playing with them and I want to share this joy to parents out there. You can try this diy clay ice cream and have fun with your children, too. You can click here for the tutorial.

 He put the ice cream on his play doh set, I don't know why is there a knife there lol..

Daddy is his best play mate ever

It is just a short post today. See ya..

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Clay Ice Cream

I made this tutorial for my little beautiful niece who is not living in the same town with me, so that she can learn how to be creative with clay even though she cannot attend my lesson. My mom and my sister have been wanting me to teach her clay, because she loves playing playdoh so much, but we never get the chance and time. Actually my sister and her daughter came over for holiday last Monday for a week, but we were too busy having fun outside that we didn't have a time to play with clay lol..

Having fun together with my son. They were so excited to see each other

Clay ice cream scoop, which flavour is your favourite?

This tutorial is quite simple. The materials you need :

  • Paper clay (light and soft, suitable for children. You can read more about it in my previous post)
  • Acrylic paint (to color the clay)
  • Measuring spoon
  • Hard tooth brush
  • Needle or toothpick
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Tweezer
  • Matte Glaze (if you wish)

Here is the video

I hope my video will help you being creative with clay and have fun with your friends, cousins, children or just for yourself to spice up your summer holiday. If you want to make them into charms, I suggest that you use resin or polymer clay. The technique is similar. Paper clay is not durable enough as charms but it is perfect for decorations or displays.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

My Little Pony (part I)

My little pony...cute little colorful horses that possess magical power and live in a magical wonderland. These cute characters are now very popular in my country and it’s also airing on our local cable TV. They are SO SO SO popular that all my clay students (age 6-9) requested My Little Pony as their project. You can see My Little Pony dolls, plushies and figurines everywhere in every malls. Even my niece will have a ballet performance next month performing My Little Pony and my other niece, who live in the same town with me, had My Little Pony themed birthday celebration last few months. My cousin asked me to create My Little Pony faux cake (made of clay) for her daughter as a surprise and the reason why she chose Clay cake because she wanted to keep the cake and the decorations forever which is not possible with real cake. The longest you can keep fondant dolls is only 2 weeks but my cousin wish to keep the whole thing.

Now let me share some pictures of my students’ works and My Little Pony clay cake that I made.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia

 Kayla (8yo)

 My little pony characters

Freya (6yo)

This is the clay cake that I made


 Flutter Shy

 Twilight Sparkle

Rainbow Dash

 Pinkie Pie

 Apple Jack

Kayleen is my niece's name, the birthday girl. I tried to imitate the logo of My Little Pony and alter the words into My Birthday Kayleen

 Here is the birthday girl ^^ 

 Kayleen loves Apple Jack the most

Happy Kayleen

I guess you might have noticed that the clay seems puffy and somehow the texture is different from those that I posted in my previous posts. Yes, it is because I used paper clay to make this. I use paper clay to teach my little students, too, because it is soft, pliable and has bright colors. Children love it and it is easy to sculpt, Paper clay is great for making flowers, fake sweets and figurines, but not durable enough for charms. I always glaze my work, and for this clay cake I use Padico Matte Sealer, You can see the picture in my previous post.

This is the Japanese paper clay which I am using to teach my little students. You can get this clay in Amazon or Rakuten

I will post tutorial on how to make little pony using resin clay in the near future...please stay tune ^^

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Chibi Mushroom Fairy tutorial

Finally after a few days of editing, I am done with the tutorial of my version of Chibi Mushroom Fairy. I used to make this mushroom fairy 2 years ago using paper clay (this time I use resin clay) and actually there are three different mushroom fairies, but I just finished one this week.

This Mushroom fairy is for my auntie who has just renovated her house. She came to visit me few weeks ago and saw these three chibis on my display rack and she wanted them so much for her new house, so I decided to make another set for her as I still want to keep mine lol... and I think, why not make the tutorial, too, at the same time, so it was like killing two birds with one stone.

Here are some pictures of my Chibi mushroom fairy

I prefer this chibi to be not glossy so it will look more natural. I use Japanese Padico Sealer to glaze it. It is easy to use and dry very quickly. 

And finally here is the tutorial video, enjoy ^^

Please give me your opinion and write your comments, thank you so much.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Craft Table For My Son my son has his own table, too. He can get crafty as much as I do. We went to a bookstore this afternoon and there was a furniture sales right in front of the book store. My son was so excited when he saw this cute kiddy table, he rushed to sit on the tiny cute chair and refused to get up. I was actually quite happy that he wasn't rushing into toys but table, that shows he is a learner....well I might be wrong,too. Maybe those chairs at home aren't comfortable enough for him because all are chairs for grown up, that was why he wanted the kiddy chair so badly.

 giving daddy a hand ??? lol

I am sorry it's a bit blurred

I decided to put the kiddy table and chairs in my working room, where I spend the most of my time in a day. It is the most beautiful room in my house ( maybe not to you), but that is the best that we can afford at this moment and I am very happy with it. It is a very multi functional room, teaching room, crafting room, TV room and now my son's crafty room.

 Enjoying his very own new table ^^  His creative crafts are all over the wall and these are just 15% of the total. The rests are on the first floor and of course all over the wall, too. He is always very happy if we put his work on the wall even though it is just a simple messy coloring page ^^ I use paper tape so it won't ruin the paint on the wall.

 one of his favourite activities.... colouring

 and he is serious 

creativity tools arranged neatly in my favourite rattan basket.

My son's new treasures. He found these cute pencil sharpener on the stationary aisles in the bookstore we went to this afternoon. It costs less than USD $2 each..very reasonable price for such a cute creative idea for a pencil sharpener

Let's take a short tour of the other part of our multi function room
Here is where I teach piano. My husband is a vocal teacher, so this is a very important instrument to us. That is how we make our living. The small green tool is for young children who's feet is not long enough to step on the ground. Swinging their feet while playing the piano is a BIG NO NO. And the black round stool next to the Piano bench is for me to to sit while teaching. The shinning thing on the shelf is actually an aromatherapy lamp. I love the fragrance of essential oil and I believe it creates a soothing, warm feeling and helps alleviate anxiety. 

 My messy craft space but filled with love..that's a guarantee ^^ That pillow was my breastfeeding pillow which has turned into my back support pillow

So my son's creative space is in between my craft space and my piano space. Whichever direction he turns to, he will see music and arts.

Let's get back to the craft topic. I was making a tutorial on will see it soon. stay tune ^^

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

3D Frame - Kpop Idol I am again stll working on 3D frame. I just finished this K-pop idol frame last night, as I was so busy these few days so my crafting time was suspended until yesterday. This personalized frame is a custom order by a mom from Medan, North Sumatera (Indonesia) for her daughter who is a great fan of this K-pop Idol Chan Yeol from EXO group.

 I don't follow the K-Pop wave so I don't really know who he is. What I know is that this group had come to Indonesia twice or maybe more (not sure) and the tickets were always sold out. This is the 2nd time I received an order of making one of the EXO member. Last year I was asked to make the other member (I don't remember the name) and the frame was sent to Korea for his birthday gift.

This is the picture of the frame I made last year. I screen grabbed from my previous Instagram, so it still have the watermark on it.

Now that account is only to post my daily life and students ^^ and the name has changed to satyani_tac. I created a new separate account taccraft to post only my craft work so it's easier for customer to browse through the pictures without the necessity of seeing craft non-related pictures.

And here are pictures of the making of Chan Yeol frame

I always start making head first
I have to insert tissue to hold both the hands until they dry and hardened to keep the pose, otherwise the hands will fall backwards and they will look creepy unnatural lol

This is the idol's name in Korean characters. NO...I don't know Korean, I just googled them up

The black diamond-shaped thing is the EXO logo

ta da.... here is the finished product

Every products are carefully wrapped and packed to ensure they will reach the owner safely. I love pretty packaging so I always try to pack beautifully (in my own standard, though) 

Never forget to insert a few business cards in the hope that they will be passed on to the others ^^
Personal Handwritten thank you note

As usual, I also make a bonus short video for this loving mommy with her daughter's favourite EXO song "Call Me Baby" as the background music. Hope they will like my creation ^^
For clear version video, click here

With love,

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