Saturday, 30 May 2015

Baby Frame 3D and romance history

Still about baby frame, but this time it's for baby girl. This is a repeat order from a very lovely customer. I was so excited when I received a call from them telling me that they have just welcomed a new member in their family and they would like me to create a frame for their princess.

The size of the exterior is 17,5 cm x 12,5 cm and 3,5 cm depth. The size of the interior is 15,5 cm x 10 cm (4R photo size). All the decorations are made of Japanese resin clay, except the calendar, photo, and the pink embossed ribbon.

The frame has a glass front, but I removed it to avoid reflection while taking photograph

 Baby Xhionnet's initial 'X' was painted on the pillow 

 Baby's profile

 A very special panda doll

I guess you must be wondering what is the Panda doing there?? does it have anything to do with the baby? It can't be her pet?

Actually there is a romance history behind this special Panda doll. Baby Xhionnet's parents are a great fan of Panda because their first date was watching Kungfu Panda together in the cinema. It meant a lot to them that they even nicknamed each other as Pen Pen and Po Po. What a cute couple!
Out of their fondness of Panda, they ordered a Panda themed ring pillow for their wedding. It was a special project for me. So, that was how the idea of putting a panda doll in the frame came from.

This picture was taken 2 years ago using my old phone ( sorry about the poor quality picture)

I used Japanese soft clay Hearty to make the cakes, cherry blossoms and the Pandas. The bamboos were made with Japanese resin clay.

I also made a lovely short video about the making of the baby frame for them ^^

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Baby 3D Frame

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have actually made a lot of 3-D frame order. This month I have quite a few of 3-D frame order, so you may see a lot of posts about 3-D frame these few days. Hope you won't get bored. I have to put aside my princesses necklace project for awhile. I have to make sure I am able to deliver the frame on time to my customers.

Today I am posting a 3-D baby frame ordered by a customer from Singapore. She had a baby boy last year but she just found me last month, introduced by a friend of mine. That's why the order of baby frame was just made recently and she is so enthusiastic to order another one for her baby girl that's due this coming July 2015. Can't wait to see that little princess soon.

4R photo size

 Tiny pillow with the baby's initial  "Z" for Zayden

Cute tiny hands and feet on a sweet "it's a boy" embossed blue ribbon

Baby's profile
I have made a short video of the making of the frame combined with the slides of his born day with daddy and mommy. I believe this will make a beautiful bonus for them.

I will post baby girl frame soon. I am working on it now ^^

see ya..

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


When you sell online, the first 'face' your customer will see before they see what's inside the box is your packaging. The way you package your products says something about you and your shop. I try to make sure my customer will have the feel of excitement as if they are receiving a little gift when they receive my package, and hopefully they can also re-use the box for other purpose, such as to keep their tiny stuff, stationary or any other collections. 

I love floral themes and I choose floral pattern for my packaging. Actually it's really hard for me to pick one particular pattern only, because I love almost any floral pattern I see.

The pink floral pattern of the lower bottom box is Batik motif. The two boxes above is the same floral pattern on my blog wallpaper which I google from the internet. I wish one day I could design my own pattern ^^

matches box idea

I would be super happy to receive a gift in a beautiful package like this and even more excited to see what's inside. What about you ? ^^

Thank you for reading 

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

3D frame's Monday again, and it's the last Monday of May. Time really flies and I only have 6 months left before my rent end in November. We will be moving to a new location.

Today I am posting pictures of the 3D frame I was working since last few weeks and I finally get it done yesterday. It is a custom order by a sweet boyfriend to his girlfriend as a surprise gift. He emailed me her picture, their picture together, picture of her favorite clothes, bags, shoes, pets, dolls, necklace, and he wanted me to put everything into a frame. The frame is 8R photo size (inner 250 mm x 200 mm). The depth is about 450 mm.

I enjoy making 3D frame and in fact I have made a lot of 3D frame order previously before I started writing a blog. It takes quite some times to finish it but I always love the result. For me personally, I think 3D frame is a very unique and memorable gift. Easy to keep and clean (you just need to clean the glass on the frame). You can hang it on the wall or put it on the table.

Here are some pictures of the making progression (not tutorial)

 Pasting a wallpaper pattern sticker on the board as the background. I google the floral pattern online and edited it into two parts to make it more interesting

 Yessi's favourite items (the lucky girlfriend). The black leather bag is the bag she uses daily

 I made their picture together into a simple 3D form

 Arranging and gluing parts onto the board

 Gluing her favourite items onto the rounded pink tier shelf

 Ta da... it's done!! 

 I glued pastel colored balloons in the inner corner of the frame

I also made the making progression into a short video using Magisto. To see the video, you can click here

Hope you enjoy ^^

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Photography skill

It is so important to have a very good and clear pictures of our product if we want to sell online. That is what my husband and I are working on. He got a book about photography yesterday and learnt a few tips and tricks. As usual, I was very excited about it and wanted him to try the new technique soon. The results turned out to be much much better and clearer than our previous pictures. It looks more like the actual product and guess what?? after like 100 snaps...there are only three picture that we were truly satisfied with Lol. More learning to go!!

Here they are

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My Etsy Shop is opened!!!!

Yeaayyy....finally my very own dream online shop, Etsy has officially opened. There are only 4 items listed at the moment. I will work harder to add on more items, so that buyers have more choice. In less than 24 hours, my stats has shown 10 views..ooh I am so happy. Hopefully I will get my sales rolling in soon.

Items listed on my Etsy

I am now making the sister of Queen Elsa...yes, princess Anna. I will list them on Etsy as soon as I am done

Have a nice day!

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Frozen Mania

It is so hooooottt down here in my country...let's cool the weather down by making some Disney Snow Queen....yes..Elsa, the pretty queen with magical power to control the winter. Hope she could share bit of her magic here to bring down the temperature LOL

This whole day, I spent for making Elsa pendant and busy taking photograph with the help of my husband (as always). He is my adviser, ministry of finance, doctor, tour guide, friends, photographer, soulmate, etc...the lists are still going on. He is my everything. I understand that our pictures are not the best result yet, but we will keep on learning and practising ^^

Here are some pictures of Elsa that we took today

Isn't she pretty and so glittery?

 Yes..she is not flat back

This picture was taken under direct sunlight, you could see the blinking effect of the crystals

Flying Elsa..this is my husband's idea 

I use ice-like acrylic beads combine with acrylic star beads and Chezch crystals to give the icy effect and bring out the elegance of the Queen. Her braid is adorned with Swarovsky rhinestones. I love the result so much. Hope you guys like it, too.

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Unusual Saturday Holiday

Hi...I know it sounds strange to say unusual Saturday holiday, hahaha..because I usually teach on Saturday from 9am to 4pm. Saturday is the busiest day, a day full of piano music and beautiful voices of my husband's students. My husband is a vocal teacher and choir conductor.

Holiday means craft day and I can sit on my craft table the whole day accompanied by my little boy playing with his toys scattered all over the carpet and my husband lying down watching TV. Sometimes we go out hunting good food, too. I am so blessed that my husband and I share a lot in common, we love travelling and enjoying good son is now under training :D

I tend to do overlapping work to avoid boredom, such as making heads, leave it dry and make something else. I make a few orders together at the same time. In my previous posts I was posting about making Peppa Pigs, but before I was done, I already started making something else...I guess this is a bad habit...but I can't help it.

Here is the video of my Peppa Pig pendant, the feet swing

Beading process

Peppa Pig themed name tag

Now is the picture of my other overlapping work...
The miniature of a lucky girl who will receive a surprise birthday frame gift from her beloved boyfriend. He requested to put all her favorite stuff in the frame, such as her lovely bunny pet, favorite bag, flowers, shoes and birthday cake of course.

I believe all of you know which character is this haha

I will sprinkle some glitters on her dress and adorn tiny Swarovsky elements on her braid. I will post some more pictures of her in detail on my next post. 

Have a nice weekend ^0^

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Monday, 11 May 2015


You must be wondering what TAC is?

Originally it was the short form of The Art Center, the name of our small tuition center which we started few years ago, providing art lessons, such as Piano, Vocal, Clay and Drawing. Unfortunately, the business didn't flourish as expected due to several factors, but I am still selling my craft, so I just picked the first letter of each of the words The Art Center, which is TAC and still using it but I always thinking of changing it.

Few weeks ago, before I started writing a blog, I discussed with my friends about my branding problem and they gave me cute ideas such as Craft Mama, Clay Hand, Creative Clay, etc....then suddenly one of them asked me what was wrong with TAC? She said it was a cool brand as she thought it was actually stand for Tjendra's Art & Craft..and Tjendra is my family name! Wow Wow Wow !!!! I was so thrilled hearing this idea!!! love it, love it, love it!!! I never thought of that before and she just gave me a marvelous description for my brand. So from now on, my brand is still TAC which is

Tjendra's Art & Craft

Thursday, 7 May 2015

I started making clay in 2009

Hi...It`s 9.30 pm now in my country. I am so glad the internet connection is finally functioning normally. I tried to write this morning but errors on page message was the only thing i saw on my screen. The sky was so bright and blue today, I could hear birds chirping outside my window. I wanted to share the picture so it is

I finished a few things yesterday, but not much, because I was quite busy with my daily routine. I am a piano teacher, and currently teaching is my primary job in order to make my life more viable. I have been teaching piano for 12 years since I graduated from my music academy in Singapore. I get to know clay in 2009, initially it was for my stress therapy and just a casual hobby until one day I decided I wanted to be serious in it. The more I learnt, the more hooked I was. I can’t stop my mind to keep thinking of new ideas and new things to create. There are soooooooo.... many things that I want to make.

Whatever I see while walking in a mall, bookstore, cafe, park or during my travel, there are always new ideas coming out, make me so eager to try them out as soon as I get home. Sometimes my husband have to remind me that we are on holiday, I should shut my brain off from work and just focus on him, hahaha...and my son of course. He is my little precious.

Well, these are the pictures of what I have made yesterday..not much really..too little progression.

Peppa pig 4.5” hairbow. It will come as a set with a necklace and bracelet (which I haven’t finished yet). 

Personalised name tag..this is comissioned work

Okay, I am going to bed well and good night for those who live in the same time zone with me.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Second post

I usually do my craft in the morning (before I start teaching) and evening (after dinner). Now, while waiting for my students to come, I try to make good use of the time to write on my blog haha ^_^

It usually take me at least 3 days to finish a work..well I know it is not fast, because I am using air dry clay and I need to dry some part before I assemble the whole thing into one perfect figure. I am still working on Peppa Pig and some custom orders. This morning I only managed to finish painting faces of the characters...quite slow :(

I only paint smiley and pinky cheeks on the tiny Peppa Pigs, the big Peppa"s smile and cheeks are made of clay.

Painting these tiny faces consumed more time than doing my own make up hahahaha

I put glitters on the body of the big Peppa Pig. It will look nice as a center bow :)

Alright, I have to shut off my computer now. I will upload more pictures when everything is done.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Welcome to my crafting world!

Hi everyone!

This is the first post on my blog. Actually I have never really thought about writing a blog. My mind was simply take orders -> craft -> delivery... that was all about it. Until one day, I came across this article about how to market/promote your shop and I realized that I was so lacking of marketing and promotion. All these years I was like living in a tiny nutshell not knowing outside world and not exposed to outside world.

After reading that super useful article, I understand that customers need to know that they are dealing with real human eventhough it is through online shop and they would love to know more about the crafter, hence I decided to write a blog now.I will try my best to write regularly.

Currently I am preparing some ready stock products for my etsy store (finally I got one), and finishing my custom orders and teaching...I think i need 8 days in a week..gosh!

Here is a picture of what I am currently working on. It will be on my etsy store, too.

Well, I got to get back to my work. I will write again soon and uploading more photos :)