Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Baby 3D Frame

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have actually made a lot of 3-D frame order. This month I have quite a few of 3-D frame order, so you may see a lot of posts about 3-D frame these few days. Hope you won't get bored. I have to put aside my princesses necklace project for awhile. I have to make sure I am able to deliver the frame on time to my customers.

Today I am posting a 3-D baby frame ordered by a customer from Singapore. She had a baby boy last year but she just found me last month, introduced by a friend of mine. That's why the order of baby frame was just made recently and she is so enthusiastic to order another one for her baby girl that's due this coming July 2015. Can't wait to see that little princess soon.

4R photo size

 Tiny pillow with the baby's initial  "Z" for Zayden

Cute tiny hands and feet on a sweet "it's a boy" embossed blue ribbon

Baby's profile
I have made a short video of the making of the frame combined with the slides of his born day with daddy and mommy. I believe this will make a beautiful bonus for them.

I will post baby girl frame soon. I am working on it now ^^

see ya..

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