Friday, 18 September 2015

Baby Frame 5R size

This is probably the last post of this month because next week I will be super busy due to residence relocation. This is another order of baby frame but this time it is in 5R size, slightly bigger size than the usual size I make which is 4R.

The interior is 6"x8" and the depth is 1,5"

Hope you enjoy the watching the video, too

Happy Weekend!

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My Little Pony Charms

Yes..Little Pony again ^^ but this time these cuties are made into charms, so their size are smaller than the one I made previously for cake topper and necklace. It's always enjoyable to make these cuties eventhough longer time needed to finish them. These 6 adorable ponies are made using Japanese air dry clay (my best friend).

This time I took the photo using my wooden floor as the background instead of white background. I can't decide which one looks better, because I like them both. Which do you think looks better? white or colored background? I upload photos using white background on my Instagram, though...

Here are the photos...enjoy ^^

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Romantic Frame


In every creation of mine there is always a story behind it, as well as the work of this one, the Romantic Frame. I am so proud and feel honoured to be asked to create this important project for them. This frame is to mark the 2nd anniversary of their relationship despite of living in two different countries and time zone, in fact Trust and Faith has strengthen their love. Their going to see each other again end of November this year. I feel excited for them, too.

The notebook and mobile phone are their means of communication to keep in touch daily. The beautiful blue rose bouquet and bear were gift for him to her on valentine's day this year. As you can see the direction of the plane is flying from Jakarta to New York, so they will meet again in New York City.

This is really a romantic way of sending love messages from her to sweet. 

A short video of the making process is included

Thank you again for trusting me to create this project and Happy 2nd Anniversary to both of you and still counting....

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