Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 8)

The picture you see above is Getuk. Getuk is a simple Javanese snack made from Cassava. It is usually served with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt. It is also one of my husband's favourite tea time snack ^^

These exotic tea time snack rings will be available at the Easter Sunday Bazaar.

This is the picture of the real edible Getuk (photo not by me. I googled it up)

And..the picture you see below is Rose Topiary

The last time I made real life flower was about 2 years ago before I focused more on 3D frame. For this coming Easter Bazaar, my husband suggested me to make some clay flowers to add more variety to my booth.

Just a reminder...come and spend a lovely sunday with us at the Bazaar and join our giveaway ^^

see ya..

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 7)

Time flies...four more days to go!! I am so excited about the bazaar. I can't wait to display all my handmade on the booth. These few days we are working really hard to create more and more cute items for the bazaar. I said we, because it's a team work, not solely me. My husband, my sister in law, my son and me. We are working together. How do my 4 year-old-son help me? his smile of course ^^ he is my vitamin.

The making of Dadar Gulung

 My sister in law was a great help to me...(sorry ignore the pillow behind ^^')

 Texturing the Dadar Gulung

Dadar Gulung is Indonesian traditional pancake. Instead of cream and maple syrup, Indonesian Pancake is filled with grated coconut and brown sugar. If any of you would have a chance to visit Indonesia, make sure you try this out. Exotic snack!

Ta da....the finished products. We made them into wearable accessories!! ^o^

From left to right .. Kue Pepe Betawi, Dadar Gulung and Biskuit Gula. 
All these exotic snacks can be found in our traditional market, but these exotic rings are only available on our Bazaar ^^ don't miss it...they are limited 

Working with style ^^

Biskuit Gula Necklace - Vintage style

Choco cookies Necklace - Vintage style

Miniature Terrarium Necklace 

Pastel color Macaroon necklace - Vintage style

Below is the picture of the GIVEAWAY bag charm!!!!
I collaborated with one of my favourite Bag charm designer on Instagram (kirashoppe) to create this super adorable bagcharm. We picked Little Twin Star - themed bag charm.

How to join the giveaway?

First, you have to be in Jakarta...I am sorry to overseas friends or those that not living in Jakarta, but I promise I will hold another online giveaway soon in the future. All friends who live in Jakarta, you can win this bagcharm by just simply dropping by our booth at the Easter Sunday Bazaar on 3rd April 2016, and write down your email and Instagram account on our guest book. We will random pick one lucky winner and announce it on Instagram and email the winner. the date and please drop by ^^

Details of the Bazaar

See ya...

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 6)

I will include some of my best seller miniature bag charm with assorted toppings for the upcoming Easter Bazaar on 3rd April 2016. This time I added more flavours such as mint ice cream and strawberry ice cream. Again, I collaborate with one of my favourite bagcharm online shop IG:Kirashoppe for the beadworks.

And look how beautiful her works are!!!
The amazing beads and crystals really enhance my miniature clay works

Of course not forgetting the packaging designed by my sister in law IG:Patriciaahilman, which I mentioned on my previous post. I really love the lace, the wooden pattern which match my box packaging and my favourite pink colour. Thank you so much dear Patris...and I am so sorry that you will have to put up with more requests from me >o< lol

After a week of refreshing making cute stuff, I am back to my project of miniature succulent. The materials for the nests have finally arrived!! Yeaay...thank you so much dear Alicia. If  you read my previous post, you will understand which nests I am talking about.

Here are the pictures ^^

I hope one day I could see the real succulents some place somewhere. All these time I made all the miniature succulents just based on the pictures I googled on the internet. In fact, I don't know their name at all...I feel so embarrassed :(( There are not many species of succulents I can find here :(

Anyway..To all friends that live in Jakarta, please come and spend a wonderful Easter Sunday with us on 3rd April 2016. A surprise giveaway will be given to one lucky visitor from taccraft (me)

See you there

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 5)

It is true that young people are more creative than we are older generation. My young sister in law threw me a very interesting idea for my glass dome necklace. I never thought of it and I was so delighted that I started to make them right away.

I believe all my fellow Indonesian friends sure know what these white stuff are ^^ I call it our staple snack lol. It's our traditional crackers made of garlic and flour. We call it Kerupuk Putih (white cracker). There are some that made of fish, too, and we call it Kerupuk Ikan (Fish cracker). It smells fishy but it tastes heavenly ^o^

 This is the picture of the original Kerupuk, slightly bigger than adult's palm

Usually they are sold in this typical green tin can. You can find these at almost all local food restaurants in Indonesia, especially Warung (food stall at street side).  

I made two version of the Kerupuk necklace, one is round glass dome and the other one is tear-drop shape glass dome.

There will be only two are available at the Bazaar. Don't miss it ^^

See ya..

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 4)

After making miniature plants for more than two weeks, I shifted to miniature food for refreshment. I plan to include miniature food  for the up coming Easter Bazaar, too. Last weekend, my sister in law came for stay over and tried her hand on clay. She made me Wow! for a first timer, she was very good! She is a graphic designer. If you are interested to see her works, you can check her Instagram and her Blog out. She has wide experiences working in one of Indonesia's top publishing company. If you need someone to design logo, name card or packaging for you, you can contact her ^^

She will be designing a new packaging base for me, too..I will post it here when it's done.

 That's her ^^

 Close up 

She got to bring home a jar of her handmade miniature Choco chips cookies too

And ta da....the picture below are Choco Chips cookies that we made together last weekend. She shaped and texturing them and I painted them + adding Choco chips

I put all these cookies into a glass dome and made them as necklace. Cute isn't it? It will be available for purchase at the Easter Bazaar on 3rd April 2016. Since all my products are handmade with love, details, one by one, they are limited. I am unable to make mass production. So, make sure you don't miss the Bazaar and grab your favourite items ^^

See ya...

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 3)

I am excited to show you the Easter related creation I have made for the Bazaar. Besides potted plant, I arranged my miniature handmade succulents into quail egg shell ^^

Yeah..there is a moon there ^^ I made Little Twin Star character in between so that I won't get bored of making the same thing again and again.

I am running out of the materials for the nest...>,< Panic attack!! I have asked my friend to look around for me, too. Some of my quail egg succulents are still nest-less (T,T). As you can see I have more than two Quail Shells ready, but I only took picture of two.

I plan to arrange some of the succulents into glass dome, too. Let's work harder..

Have a nice day

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 2)

Just sharing some pictures of my preparations towards the upcoming Easter Bazaar. I know I shouldn't get distracted by writing my blog instead, but I really want to keep the records of my preparation stages ^^ it sounds exaggerating, yes. but I enjoy keeping the pictures. is the poster of the event, please do come to visit my booth if you live in Jakarta. I will be holding a giveaway. I will be writing about it soon on my blog as soon as the gift is confirmed.

I choose garden as my theme for the bazaar this time, not forgetting the Easter element, of course. There will be some Easter related collections, too. 

 I made pebbles for my garden out of polymer clay

 I prefer using Japanese air dry clay for the miniature plants. My craft table is not at all pretty lol...but it's the place I spend my time the most in a day

Yes! they are succulents..^^ variety of succulents!

 Arranged them on a classical style miniature pot. I didn't make the pot, it was store bought. 

 The view of the other side of the pot...Both sides can be the front

A shot with the Sylvanian mama Bear

Since everything is made one by one, layer by layer, I can't do mass production. So they are all limited collections. Hope you guys don't miss the Bazaar to grab your most favourite collection ^^

Now, where is the Easter related collections?? 

I will be posting the pictures as soon as I am done arranging them..see ya

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