Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kamen Rider and a little boy

Hi...Sorry for not posting anything for so long. It was a long holiday in my country, the Eid Mubarak Holiday. It's a celebration of victory for Moslems after one full month of fasting (not eating and drinking during the day). I am really amazed by my Moslem friends, because I don't think I can do that. I didn't celebrate Eid Mubarak, but I did enjoy the holiday by not doing anything related to work and stayed away from my working table, including craft ^o^ just took a break to have fun with my son.

Activity back to normal again this week and finally I finished one of my commissioned order. It was an order from my high-school classmate. I was very excited about it. She was looking for a Kamen Rider figure for her son but she couldn't find it anywhere in the city she lives in, so she decided to get me to make one for her plus her son's figure standing along with the Kamen Rider. It was really an honour for me to create this for her.

My medium is air dry clay. I glazed them with matte sealer except the eyes of the Kamen Rider. If you notice something under their feet, it is glue tac to help the figures stand. I usually will attach the figures on an acrylic base, but for delivery safety, I separate them and let the recipient glue it themselves. You do no need special glue to attach the figures on the acrylic base, just any strong glue will do.

This is Arya, the little boy

I really hope my dear friend and her son will like my work. I really do. Anyway, thanks a lot Lyfen for trusting me and ordering from me ^_^ I really appreciate that.

Here is a bonus short video of the making process.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day !!

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Thursday, 16 July 2015


Totoro is a character from a Japanese animated fantasy film written by Hayao Miyazaki and published in 1988.  Totoro is a giant creature who lives in the woods and only children with pure heart will be able to see him and his friends.

He loves acorn and is usually characterized with a bag of acorn on his back and a lotus leaf on his head to protect him from the rain. The black tiny balls with two big eyes hanging above him is the Soot Sprite in the movie. I combined the Soot Sprite with grey pearls to add on decoration on the key chain.

He is one of my favourite childhood character and I also love the supporting music composed by Hisaishi Joe, my all time favourite composer.

I add on a black velvet ribbon to sweeten it up

This is actually the third order from a lovely repeat customer who is now residing in Melbourne, Australia. Her first order was Lala Loopsy necklace as goodie bags for her daughter's birthday. The second order was 3D graduation frames for her daughter and her friends when they were graduating from kindergarten here in Indonesia last year (before she relocated to Australia soon after that).

Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken last year using my phone

Her daughter, Mio is the one on the bottom left. Again sorry for the poor quality picture taken using my phone.

To be honest, my Totoro didn't turn out that nice just with one attempt. Eventhough I have been crafting clay for years, but I am still a human who needs to keep learning and updating my skill to create better work. I will share a picture of my first attempt. I was very disappointed with it though. I made it way toooooo slim and the grey color was too light. It was kinda

If you would like to make an order, you can just email me, because I don't post everything on etsy especially a custom order work, which has no ready stock.

That's all about my Totoro post. Have a nice day!

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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Children Miniature (part II)'s almost a week since the last time I wrote my last blog. I was quite busy finishing the project of this commissioned work of children miniature. I was requested to make a miniature of siblings of 3 from a customer from UK. I have written about this before in my previous post Children Miniature part I, but it was only one figure was completed then. I have finally finished crafting the miniatures of these three cute children last night. I am very happy with the results.

 The eldest daughter Ayla in her school uniform. She is a very talented girl, she plays the piano and violin. She participates in school orchestra and performs regularly.

 The sweet Selina, the 2nd daughter in her favourite outfit, the ballerina costume.

 The Youngest little boy, Troy, who loves Kinder Egg very very much

This is their pictures from their mom...sorry for the quality, because they were sent by phone.

I enjoyed making these three little figurines very much. They are just so cute. Short videos of the making process will also be sent digitally to their mom, too, as a bonus. Hope they love it.

You can view the videos on my videos page.

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Sunday, 5 July 2015


It is just an intermezzo between my other works. Since the Minions are currently booming in my country as the movie is just released and still on the cinema, so I decided to make one for myself to follow the trend. I am not really a big fan of minions but I do think they are cute and they speak multi languages, including my language "terima kasih" which means thank you. I am kinda ^_^

 I use matte glaze for the body and glossy glaze only for the shoes and gloves

When I tried to take the picture of the minion with colorful stars, my son placed his car toys on the top and insisted that the car has to be involved, is the picture with the car :D

Here are some creative ideas on what you can do if you have cute charms in hand
 Bubbles (acrylic beads) key chain

 Dust plug..did you notice a shine reflection on his eye? yes I applied liquid resin on it, to make it looks like actual google with glass on it. 

Simple and cute eye-catching necklace 

In case you keen to know which liquid resin I used to make the glass effect. Here is the picture 
Padico UV resin

It need 24 hours to get hardened, but if you have a UV machine like those in nail art salon, you can get it done incredibly 5 mins!!!! It is really amazing this Padico product. And you do not need to mix liquid A and liquid B. They are just ready to use anytime with a tiny super efficient bottle tip. No messy sticky hand and table and very tight cap to keep the resin stay liquid. The result is just as clear as glass. I really recommend this product.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Children Miniature (part I)

Today I am working on a miniature figure. It is a commissioned work from a customer from UK. She requested miniature figures of her three children. I have just finished one, the sweet little girl in tutu ballerina costume, Selina. She is such a cutie pie and she loves pink. This is her favourite outfit and her mom make sure I make Selina wearing this costume.

As always, my medium is Japanese resin clay. The eyes, mouth and polka dots on her outfit were painted using Acrylic paint. The tutu skirt isn't from clay, it is the actual tutu material. is just a short post today, just trying to keep updating my blog. I will post more pictures once I finished the other 2 siblings. Might not be in this week...because I am pretty slow and I tend to be disorientated of making other things, instead. Oohh..that's bad!!! stay focused!! @~@

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