Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Second post

I usually do my craft in the morning (before I start teaching) and evening (after dinner). Now, while waiting for my students to come, I try to make good use of the time to write on my blog haha ^_^

It usually take me at least 3 days to finish a work..well I know it is not fast, because I am using air dry clay and I need to dry some part before I assemble the whole thing into one perfect figure. I am still working on Peppa Pig and some custom orders. This morning I only managed to finish painting faces of the characters...quite slow :(

I only paint smiley and pinky cheeks on the tiny Peppa Pigs, the big Peppa"s smile and cheeks are made of clay.

Painting these tiny faces consumed more time than doing my own make up hahahaha

I put glitters on the body of the big Peppa Pig. It will look nice as a center bow :)

Alright, I have to shut off my computer now. I will upload more pictures when everything is done.

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