Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Baby Frame

Hello...How is everyone? I am a bit unwell due to the bad weather recently. I think I mentioned it on my previous post about rainy and gloomy cloudy day in Jakarta lately. This weather is perfect to give you a perfect cold!! (T,T) dizziness, runny nose and sore throat is just like a complete package you will receive at once. Sometimes you get a bonus cough as well....sigh...

Let's change the topic to something happier like Baby Frames!!! yeah again!! Because baby frame is one of our best seller product. Thanks to my beloved customers for involving me in their happy important moment of their life.

the making of the scales and the base for the donut rings

 My husband assisted me in preparing the background of the frame. He is the best!!

Writing the Chinese name is the most challenging part for me. I had to practice writing them on paper a few times first before I wrote them on the clay.

More interesting pictures are coming soon...stay tune and see ya!

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