Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 5)

It is true that young people are more creative than we are older generation. My young sister in law threw me a very interesting idea for my glass dome necklace. I never thought of it and I was so delighted that I started to make them right away.

I believe all my fellow Indonesian friends sure know what these white stuff are ^^ I call it our staple snack lol. It's our traditional crackers made of garlic and flour. We call it Kerupuk Putih (white cracker). There are some that made of fish, too, and we call it Kerupuk Ikan (Fish cracker). It smells fishy but it tastes heavenly ^o^

 This is the picture of the original Kerupuk, slightly bigger than adult's palm

Usually they are sold in this typical green tin can. You can find these at almost all local food restaurants in Indonesia, especially Warung (food stall at street side).  

I made two version of the Kerupuk necklace, one is round glass dome and the other one is tear-drop shape glass dome.

There will be only two are available at the Bazaar. Don't miss it ^^

See ya..

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