Monday, 7 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 2)

Just sharing some pictures of my preparations towards the upcoming Easter Bazaar. I know I shouldn't get distracted by writing my blog instead, but I really want to keep the records of my preparation stages ^^ it sounds exaggerating, yes. but I enjoy keeping the pictures. is the poster of the event, please do come to visit my booth if you live in Jakarta. I will be holding a giveaway. I will be writing about it soon on my blog as soon as the gift is confirmed.

I choose garden as my theme for the bazaar this time, not forgetting the Easter element, of course. There will be some Easter related collections, too. 

 I made pebbles for my garden out of polymer clay

 I prefer using Japanese air dry clay for the miniature plants. My craft table is not at all pretty lol...but it's the place I spend my time the most in a day

Yes! they are succulents..^^ variety of succulents!

 Arranged them on a classical style miniature pot. I didn't make the pot, it was store bought. 

 The view of the other side of the pot...Both sides can be the front

A shot with the Sylvanian mama Bear

Since everything is made one by one, layer by layer, I can't do mass production. So they are all limited collections. Hope you guys don't miss the Bazaar to grab your most favourite collection ^^

Now, where is the Easter related collections?? 

I will be posting the pictures as soon as I am done arranging them..see ya

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