Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 8)

The picture you see above is Getuk. Getuk is a simple Javanese snack made from Cassava. It is usually served with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt. It is also one of my husband's favourite tea time snack ^^

These exotic tea time snack rings will be available at the Easter Sunday Bazaar.

This is the picture of the real edible Getuk (photo not by me. I googled it up)

And..the picture you see below is Rose Topiary

The last time I made real life flower was about 2 years ago before I focused more on 3D frame. For this coming Easter Bazaar, my husband suggested me to make some clay flowers to add more variety to my booth.

Just a reminder...come and spend a lovely sunday with us at the Bazaar and join our giveaway ^^

see ya..

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