Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 6)

I will include some of my best seller miniature bag charm with assorted toppings for the upcoming Easter Bazaar on 3rd April 2016. This time I added more flavours such as mint ice cream and strawberry ice cream. Again, I collaborate with one of my favourite bagcharm online shop IG:Kirashoppe for the beadworks.

And look how beautiful her works are!!!
The amazing beads and crystals really enhance my miniature clay works

Of course not forgetting the packaging designed by my sister in law IG:Patriciaahilman, which I mentioned on my previous post. I really love the lace, the wooden pattern which match my box packaging and my favourite pink colour. Thank you so much dear Patris...and I am so sorry that you will have to put up with more requests from me >o< lol

After a week of refreshing making cute stuff, I am back to my project of miniature succulent. The materials for the nests have finally arrived!! Yeaay...thank you so much dear Alicia. If  you read my previous post, you will understand which nests I am talking about.

Here are the pictures ^^

I hope one day I could see the real succulents some place somewhere. All these time I made all the miniature succulents just based on the pictures I googled on the internet. In fact, I don't know their name at all...I feel so embarrassed :(( There are not many species of succulents I can find here :(

Anyway..To all friends that live in Jakarta, please come and spend a wonderful Easter Sunday with us on 3rd April 2016. A surprise giveaway will be given to one lucky visitor from taccraft (me)

See you there

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