Thursday, 10 March 2016

Easter Bazaar Preparation (part 3)

I am excited to show you the Easter related creation I have made for the Bazaar. Besides potted plant, I arranged my miniature handmade succulents into quail egg shell ^^

Yeah..there is a moon there ^^ I made Little Twin Star character in between so that I won't get bored of making the same thing again and again.

I am running out of the materials for the nest...>,< Panic attack!! I have asked my friend to look around for me, too. Some of my quail egg succulents are still nest-less (T,T). As you can see I have more than two Quail Shells ready, but I only took picture of two.

I plan to arrange some of the succulents into glass dome, too. Let's work harder..

Have a nice day

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