Sunday, 14 June 2015

New Craft Table For My Son my son has his own table, too. He can get crafty as much as I do. We went to a bookstore this afternoon and there was a furniture sales right in front of the book store. My son was so excited when he saw this cute kiddy table, he rushed to sit on the tiny cute chair and refused to get up. I was actually quite happy that he wasn't rushing into toys but table, that shows he is a learner....well I might be wrong,too. Maybe those chairs at home aren't comfortable enough for him because all are chairs for grown up, that was why he wanted the kiddy chair so badly.

 giving daddy a hand ??? lol

I am sorry it's a bit blurred

I decided to put the kiddy table and chairs in my working room, where I spend the most of my time in a day. It is the most beautiful room in my house ( maybe not to you), but that is the best that we can afford at this moment and I am very happy with it. It is a very multi functional room, teaching room, crafting room, TV room and now my son's crafty room.

 Enjoying his very own new table ^^  His creative crafts are all over the wall and these are just 15% of the total. The rests are on the first floor and of course all over the wall, too. He is always very happy if we put his work on the wall even though it is just a simple messy coloring page ^^ I use paper tape so it won't ruin the paint on the wall.

 one of his favourite activities.... colouring

 and he is serious 

creativity tools arranged neatly in my favourite rattan basket.

My son's new treasures. He found these cute pencil sharpener on the stationary aisles in the bookstore we went to this afternoon. It costs less than USD $2 each..very reasonable price for such a cute creative idea for a pencil sharpener

Let's take a short tour of the other part of our multi function room
Here is where I teach piano. My husband is a vocal teacher, so this is a very important instrument to us. That is how we make our living. The small green tool is for young children who's feet is not long enough to step on the ground. Swinging their feet while playing the piano is a BIG NO NO. And the black round stool next to the Piano bench is for me to to sit while teaching. The shinning thing on the shelf is actually an aromatherapy lamp. I love the fragrance of essential oil and I believe it creates a soothing, warm feeling and helps alleviate anxiety. 

 My messy craft space but filled with love..that's a guarantee ^^ That pillow was my breastfeeding pillow which has turned into my back support pillow

So my son's creative space is in between my craft space and my piano space. Whichever direction he turns to, he will see music and arts.

Let's get back to the craft topic. I was making a tutorial on will see it soon. stay tune ^^

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