Wednesday, 10 June 2015

3D Frame - Kpop Idol I am again stll working on 3D frame. I just finished this K-pop idol frame last night, as I was so busy these few days so my crafting time was suspended until yesterday. This personalized frame is a custom order by a mom from Medan, North Sumatera (Indonesia) for her daughter who is a great fan of this K-pop Idol Chan Yeol from EXO group.

 I don't follow the K-Pop wave so I don't really know who he is. What I know is that this group had come to Indonesia twice or maybe more (not sure) and the tickets were always sold out. This is the 2nd time I received an order of making one of the EXO member. Last year I was asked to make the other member (I don't remember the name) and the frame was sent to Korea for his birthday gift.

This is the picture of the frame I made last year. I screen grabbed from my previous Instagram, so it still have the watermark on it.

Now that account is only to post my daily life and students ^^ and the name has changed to satyani_tac. I created a new separate account taccraft to post only my craft work so it's easier for customer to browse through the pictures without the necessity of seeing craft non-related pictures.

And here are pictures of the making of Chan Yeol frame

I always start making head first
I have to insert tissue to hold both the hands until they dry and hardened to keep the pose, otherwise the hands will fall backwards and they will look creepy unnatural lol

This is the idol's name in Korean characters. NO...I don't know Korean, I just googled them up

The black diamond-shaped thing is the EXO logo

ta da.... here is the finished product

Every products are carefully wrapped and packed to ensure they will reach the owner safely. I love pretty packaging so I always try to pack beautifully (in my own standard, though) 

Never forget to insert a few business cards in the hope that they will be passed on to the others ^^
Personal Handwritten thank you note

As usual, I also make a bonus short video for this loving mommy with her daughter's favourite EXO song "Call Me Baby" as the background music. Hope they will like my creation ^^
For clear version video, click here

With love,

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