Monday, 29 June 2015

My Little Pony (part II) - Tutorial

Today I am posting a video of how to make My Little Pony character as I promised on my previous post. I picked Flutter Shy character because she is my niece's favourite pony, I am sorry for being a little bit bias ^_^ This cutie will be made into a necklace for her. She has been requesting for it months ago, but this super busy auntie can only make it recently. Sorry dear...but at least request is fulfilled ^o^

In this video, I am using Japanese resin (air dry clay) which is usually white in color and I am also using the colored resin clay to mix the color. 

Colored resin air dry clay

You can also use oil paint to mix the color, but it will cause the texture to be slightly drier which makes the clay hard to shape. If you are using polymer clay, you can still follow the steps in my tutorial, because the technique is basically similar, but they are a few things that you need to take note:

  • For the instruction of leaving it dry, in the case of polymer clay, you pre-bake it.
  • In the smoothing parts, polymer clay don't need water. Air dry clay blends well with water.

I am more comfortable crafting with air dry clay, that is why my tutorials are always using air dry clay as the medium. I also notice that there are very little tutorials on air dry clay available online. I hope my tutorials will be useful for air dry clay crafters out there, and of course for Polymer clay crafters, too.

I am also sharing some ideas on what you can do with this cute Flutter Shy beside a necklace.

 My Little Pony Strap
It could be bracelet, too when the strap is removed
 Dust Plug for your phone
 Mom, sisters or cousins could share this cuteness, too
Or just add on a pastel color tassel and hang it on your organizer, key chain or USB

Hope this post will give you some useful ideas and happy crafting \(^o^)/

By the way, what do you think I should make for the next tutorial? 

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