Thursday, 27 August 2015

Miniature Dog - Shih Tzu

Hello again everyone! This time I am posting my super challenging order, a miniature Shih Tzu dog!! Honestly this is my first time making a realistic dog miniature. Usually I only make cute rounded shape dogs for fun and in fact never before I received any order making miniature dogs.

This lovely Shih Tzu dog was the dearest dog to my customer's mom, but it has passed away not long ago. My customer wish to make a miniature replica of it as a memory for her mom, so this is an important project.

This time I use Premo polymer clay to make this project. I failed the first one! the dog looks so messed up and thin. I felt bad if I have to present this to my customer. I didn't want to disappoint her mom so I remake another one. This is the picture of my failed work. >.< (horrible isn't it?)

I am quite happy that the remake version looks much much better...actually far better I think. Here are more pictures of the dog from different angle.

I use matte glaze for the whole body except the eyes, nose and tongue I use glossy glaze.

What made me happiest was not when I received the payment, but when I saw the look in her eyes (my customer's mom). She was so happy and started telling me every single details bout her dearest dog, about how shiny the fur and that it was blind on the right eye. It was touching and amazing how she remember everything so detail about this beautiful creature. Hope you rest in peace there...

Let's move forward to a happier topic. This customer who ordered this miniature dog is the same customer who ordered cake topper which I posted earlier. Besides the miniature dog, she has also requested another pair of fluffy bear as keychain. Thank you so much for liking my work.

Thank you for reading ^^

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