Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Kamen Rider and a little boy

Hi...Sorry for not posting anything for so long. It was a long holiday in my country, the Eid Mubarak Holiday. It's a celebration of victory for Moslems after one full month of fasting (not eating and drinking during the day). I am really amazed by my Moslem friends, because I don't think I can do that. I didn't celebrate Eid Mubarak, but I did enjoy the holiday by not doing anything related to work and stayed away from my working table, including craft ^o^ just took a break to have fun with my son.

Activity back to normal again this week and finally I finished one of my commissioned order. It was an order from my high-school classmate. I was very excited about it. She was looking for a Kamen Rider figure for her son but she couldn't find it anywhere in the city she lives in, so she decided to get me to make one for her plus her son's figure standing along with the Kamen Rider. It was really an honour for me to create this for her.

My medium is air dry clay. I glazed them with matte sealer except the eyes of the Kamen Rider. If you notice something under their feet, it is glue tac to help the figures stand. I usually will attach the figures on an acrylic base, but for delivery safety, I separate them and let the recipient glue it themselves. You do no need special glue to attach the figures on the acrylic base, just any strong glue will do.

This is Arya, the little boy

I really hope my dear friend and her son will like my work. I really do. Anyway, thanks a lot Lyfen for trusting me and ordering from me ^_^ I really appreciate that.

Here is a bonus short video of the making process.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day !!

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