Friday, 14 August 2015

Anna, Olaf and two Fluffy Bears is everyone? I couldn't post anything lately because I was terribly sick last week. I was on the bed most of the time, something wasn't right with my stomach. I had a terrible run and pain all over the stomach and I had fever for two days. It was a truly exhausting week!! I couldn't sleep well at night because of the pain. I am slowly recovering now and back to my routine activities. Well, still a bit of pain sometimes, but I am feeling better compared to last week.

Here I will share my latest commissioned work which has passed the turn around time. Dear..They were supposed to be delivered to my customer on Wednesday, but I couldn't wake up and do anything last week. Thanks to my dear customer who has been so understanding and willing to give me extra few days to do it instead of cancelling the order. I finished them all yesterday night and lucky that there is a one-day-express delivery service available in town, so I posted them all today and hopefully they arrive safely on time tomorrow. They will be part of  my customer's daughter's photo session on Sunday.

These fluffy bears were made based on pictures of actual dolls belonged to the customers which was sent to me to make the miniature. They are not my original idea. 

They are so adorable!!

 The customers had also requested Princess Anna figurine and Olaf. 

My favourite of all is Olaf!! The funny snowman who sings very well

Everything was made using Japanese resin air dry clay and glazed with matte sealer Padico.

Thank you for reading ^_^ and Happy Weekend!

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