Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weekend Workshop -- Sunday, 12 June 2016

Today was a little bit hot but it was a clear fine day. Wewo Craft (Weekend Workshop organizer in Indonesia) arranged a fun clay workshop in Club Kembang, Kemang, Jakarta and I was invited to share my experience with the participants...well participant. I can't say participants because there was only one participant but I was more than delighted to share what I know about being creative with clay with this little young participant, Kayla (10yo). The other participant was the Wewo organizer herself. I suggested her to join so that she can have more understanding of what air dry clay is and of course have fun together with us.

The friendly organizer from Wewo Craft, Mba Rini. She is a multi talented lady. She is a master in knitting and also Shibori!!! The scarf she is wearing is her handmade

Kayla concentrating on her work

What we made this afternoon was beautiful clay roses, cute clay macaroon and assembled them on an antique chair adorned with pearl pins and crystal pins (of their choice).

 And here is the result of almost 3 hours work without a break ^_^!

I love to see how the participant(s) decide on their choice of color and arrange their work..they are always refreshing

Thank you again for having me Wewo Craft. See you again in our next session.

If any of you are interested to receive information on Wewo Craft monthly workshop schedule, please send your email to You can also check them out on their Instagram.

If you are keen to join a cute bag charm making workshop or if your little siblings or maybe your child is a creative person, there is another workshops coming up o 18 June 2016. Please see the details at my workshop page. There are two types of workshops, for kids and adult (older kids).

See you there ^^

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