Thursday, 23 June 2016

Red Wedding Frame

I made a special frame in red for my friend as a surprise wedding gift. I chose red because his invitation was in chinese style red color, a very brilliant happy colour. I made red roses, white daisies to add some contrast and bunch of green mini hydrangeas. 

 While drying my clay flowers

I cut the invitation card to fit in the frame and arranged all my handmade flowers around it. 

I was so excited to meet him to see his reaction on seeing this present, but unfortunately I fell ill on that day (T_T) I missed the party. Only my husband was going and I heard my friend was singing on his big day. Remembering that he was quite a shy man and on his big day he stood on the big stage and sang for more than 400 audiences was a must to witness.

Anyway...Happy Wedding Dear Friend!!! Wish you a blissful happy marriage life  \(^o^)/ Cheers!!

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