Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday Happy Workshop - 18 June 2016

Today the workshop sessions are divided into two, kiddos group and bigger kids/adult group. The workshop was held at Sunshine Kidz Preschool, Jl. Taman Pluit Barat 1 no.1, Jakarta Utara.

First session was the Kiddos group. We were making name board with cute puppy character. The kids were free to choose their favourite colours and how they wanted to "style" their name board. Basically I taught them how to shape a puppy, alphabets and how to prepare for the background...the was up to them to style them. It was so fun to see how they decided on their design.

We use Padico Clay 

Freya added some lashes to her little puppy and elaborated ribbon on the ear. She also added some rhinestones to made her name board shine, whereas Tasha added lots of tiny little transparent flower beads around her little puppy and some tiny colourful rattles.

Dan is a very neat boy, his work is verrrry neat and clean. He added tiny colorful rattles all around his name board, and in fact he arranged them very nicely. Derrick added lots tiny rattles around his blue puppy, too.

The bigger kids session were using Polymer Clay. They made miniature ice cream on miniature breads with various toppings of their likes.

Just like the kiddos group, they also got to choose their preferred ice cream flavour and also free to style their ice cream and free to arrange the pearls and crystal for the bagcharm.

I regretted that some pictures were a bit shaky. Maybe my husband was too hungry when he took those (^_^! )

That's all the report of today's workshop.
See you guys again in the next session

The fun of meeting new people and kids with brilliant ideas and seeing their excitement is one of the biggest reason why I choose the path to be a teacher in the past, now and then. ^^

If you are interested to join our workshop please do not hesitate to contact us to find out where is the closest location to you.

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