Friday, 3 June 2016

A special gift to a special person...a Teacher

Today is my son's last day in Nursery. He will be Kindergarten student next term...Now he can already write and spell his own name, counting from 1-50, and recognizing alphabet from A-Z without any problem including the phonic perfectly...proud of you my love ^^  Of course all that skills and knowledge doesn't happen in just one night, all thanks to the hardwork, patience and passion of his beloved teacher, the best teacher ever..Miss Vivian in Sunshine Kidz Preschool.

Thank You Teacher. You have turned Ethan from a zero knowledge and uncontrollable little boy into a responsible, smart and love to draw little boy. You have built all the positive characters in him.

Thank you again...I am sure Ethan is now more than ready for Kindergarten

As a mom and crafter, presenting my handmade is the best way to express my gratefulness. I believe handmade makes more meaningful gift.

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