Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cute Monkey Charms

I actually made these monkeys few weeks ago, but haven't posted it yet because I was searching for someone who is an expert in accessories such as beading to collaborate with me. And I found a very creative online shop on the Instagram called Kirashoppe. Just by showing her the picture of my handmade monkey charms, she could come out with a wonderful beads arrangement to complete my creation. Love it!! Her work is so neat and she uses only high quality materials. 

A friend of mine requested for something simple, so I made it pretty simple by combining a few pearls and champagne color Czech crystals.

 TA DA...super gorgeous bagcharm with Swarovski pearl and Czech crystals, designed by Kirashoppe

This super gorgeous bagcharm will be a present to my special friend who care so much about my family especially my son. Thank you so much for your love ^^ Maybe you're not reading my blog but I really want to express my thank you here, too...I hope you like it.

I hope we could collaborate more in the future ^^ 
Thanks for supporting me

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Instagram : taccraft

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