Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Little Twin Stars

I am sure all of you know these cute little twin stars characters. They are one of the "forever" popular characters like Hello Kitty and friends from Sanrio Japan. They are characterized by their soft pastel colors, stars, moons and clouds.

These few days, I tried to make a few of my imaginary (version) of Little Twin Stars. I added some Pastel color gradation cloud, roll cake and star-shaped macaroon to enhance the characters' cuteness. All of them are made of Premo Clay. Recently I have been working more on polymer clay rather than air dry clay, and I actually find it more fun to play with ^^ I think I am shifting from air dry clay artist to polymer clay artist..or both ^^

And the pictures of all of them together again... ^^

 View from the top

Have a nice day...

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