Saturday, 23 January 2016

Little Twin Stars (2)

 Green Tea Mochi and Strawberry Mochi with red bean paste fillings..nom.nom..

Ohh..dear!! how I deeply in love with these cute characters after making them for the first time, which I posted previously on my blog. I couldn't help myself to create more and run wild with my imagination lol ^0^

I made Japanese mochi as base for them and made them wearing cute Japanese traditional attire. I also created a sleeping night scene with soft pastel colors. When I made them, it was as if I was living in a miniature imaginary fairy world....I know it sounds exaggerating, but it was truly fun creating these two cute babies.

Here are the results... ^^ enjoy..

This sleeping little twin stars isn't suitable for charms because of the size (around 5.5cm length, 4cm width and 5.5cm height). It's more suitable as collectible item. 

 I like this one so much that I can't help taking so many pictures of it and posting them ^^

Happy Weekend everyone!

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