Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Just a few days left and we will be welcoming the Monkey year 2016 yeay yeay!!! Chinese New Year is one of the important celebration in my family. It's the time where all family members gather together, have a great feast, talk about good things and Hong Bao!! or the red packets. Children loves Hong Bao very much. I remember my childhood time, I used to count how many red packets I have collected instead of the amount inside, because it was fun to see the beautiful pattern on the red packets and the feel of how thick is your hand bag now..full of red Now..Hong Bao is no longer that fun for me as an adult, because I will be the one to give the children T_T (lol)

In this will be still about Little Twin Star but in Chinese New Year version. Again I collaborated with the talented Bagcharm designer Kirashoppe to create a special limited edition CNY bagcharm.

From this

To This!!

This beautiful picture is taken by Kirashoppe owner. I just repost it. Ohh how I love the color combination. She is so talented! Love to see more collaboration of our works ^^

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