Saturday, 11 July 2015

Children Miniature (part II)'s almost a week since the last time I wrote my last blog. I was quite busy finishing the project of this commissioned work of children miniature. I was requested to make a miniature of siblings of 3 from a customer from UK. I have written about this before in my previous post Children Miniature part I, but it was only one figure was completed then. I have finally finished crafting the miniatures of these three cute children last night. I am very happy with the results.

 The eldest daughter Ayla in her school uniform. She is a very talented girl, she plays the piano and violin. She participates in school orchestra and performs regularly.

 The sweet Selina, the 2nd daughter in her favourite outfit, the ballerina costume.

 The Youngest little boy, Troy, who loves Kinder Egg very very much

This is their pictures from their mom...sorry for the quality, because they were sent by phone.

I enjoyed making these three little figurines very much. They are just so cute. Short videos of the making process will also be sent digitally to their mom, too, as a bonus. Hope they love it.

You can view the videos on my videos page.

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