Sunday, 5 July 2015


It is just an intermezzo between my other works. Since the Minions are currently booming in my country as the movie is just released and still on the cinema, so I decided to make one for myself to follow the trend. I am not really a big fan of minions but I do think they are cute and they speak multi languages, including my language "terima kasih" which means thank you. I am kinda ^_^

 I use matte glaze for the body and glossy glaze only for the shoes and gloves

When I tried to take the picture of the minion with colorful stars, my son placed his car toys on the top and insisted that the car has to be involved, is the picture with the car :D

Here are some creative ideas on what you can do if you have cute charms in hand
 Bubbles (acrylic beads) key chain

 Dust plug..did you notice a shine reflection on his eye? yes I applied liquid resin on it, to make it looks like actual google with glass on it. 

Simple and cute eye-catching necklace 

In case you keen to know which liquid resin I used to make the glass effect. Here is the picture 
Padico UV resin

It need 24 hours to get hardened, but if you have a UV machine like those in nail art salon, you can get it done incredibly 5 mins!!!! It is really amazing this Padico product. And you do not need to mix liquid A and liquid B. They are just ready to use anytime with a tiny super efficient bottle tip. No messy sticky hand and table and very tight cap to keep the resin stay liquid. The result is just as clear as glass. I really recommend this product.

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