Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentine 2016

I am not a very romantic person but I do love pink color which is so strongly associated with Valentine's color, in fact most of my clothes are pink ^^ so I decided to make something pinky, glittery and valentine.

First, what came into my mind was love potion. So I made these..
It's made of UV resin, glitter, some sparkling flakes and heart-shaped clay

Once I finished the love potion, I was still unsure what I had to do with these glittery bottle for two days. Then an idea of "key to my heart" sprung up into my mind, so I decided to make a necklace out of the love potion.

And here is the result..a key and a love potion with combination of light pink Chezch crystal
This will be a very meaningful and personalized gift to your loved one, as it means "You've got the key to my heart...and only you have the Love potion to save my life"

This lovely necklace is available for purchase at Etsy : Jtlilcorner (my exclusive sales partner in Melbourne, Australia) many more items will be up for sale at her Etsy. Please make sure to check it out ^^  and follow her Etsy

And next..the valentine cookies!!! 

 Heart shaped cookies with glittery pink icing...nom.nom..

 And I put all of them into a glass dome 

A Glass dome full of love cookies ^^

Thank you and Happy Valentine 2016

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